Firmware v4 Port Range Forwarding Issue

I have recently upgraded our router from a SF1200 or AX1800....
Since the firmware was totally different I could not just restore a backup to the new one.

I have noticed you can no longer port range forward on the v4 firmware.
You have to first create the rule in the Network/Firewall (Main Page).
Then go into OpenWRT Luci and edit the port forward in the firewall to allow the port range.

This makes it difficult for newbies out there using PassiveFTP or VOIP Solutions.

I have tried in the GL interface every way in the external and internal ports...
10000-20000, 10000:20000, 10000~20000 nothing seems to work.

On the v3 firmware of the previous router we had no issues.

Also be aware you must create the Firewall rule first in GL Interface...
If you don't, and you create manually in Luci, it will be overwritten.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved.....


We already have developed this feature on 4.6, and release a beta version firmware for the AX1800. Can try the beta firmware if you feel convenient, but as know that beta is for testing.