[fixed] Page issues

@yuxin.zou and @alzhao and maybe @Bruce

You don’t even have read your articles?

Some text says “128 Gb” another “512 Gb”

Also… Network storage? Same as E750?

Ok, ordered. I need it as backup network. But I think you should stop misleading people.

Please, guys, check articles. You could be sued for this. I really don’t want to lose you company, but such behaviour is unacceptable.


Take a deep breath.

They have a marketing team that does their PR / site.

A lot of the html code is reused, which makes sense.

It's not their fault. Relax. This is an easy fix.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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It reflects poorly on a company when its marketing materials, documentation, and firmware do not align with the actual products. Overall, there is room for improvement in quality.

@beniamin i am not arguing. I want to make this better. But I am really concerned about NAS removal…

It is fixed. Really appreciate your feedback!

The sd card size can be much larger actually.

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@Leo that’s a quality! Thanks!

@alzhao why it is printed as restriction then?

@moderators it is solved, you can close topic