Flash MT2500 (CN) to Global Version

@yuxin.zou I’m in the same situation and I would also like to know if there is a solution

How did you flash this on your router ?

flash the firmware won’t solve the problem, u need to change it from the boot loader.
add US in the boot loader. this will automatically enable the VPN option.

u need to enable read/write to boot loader mmcblk0boot1
replace the CN with US . with the hex editor

@yuxin.zou @alzhao May I have the flash instructions? I purchased a GL-MT2500A and a GL-A1300 from China during the 3/8 promotion. Both got the CN marking and no VPN functions. I was not aware of the CN until I got them. Thank you.

Flush new firmware is not going to work,

u need to update the boot loader.
there is a code in boot loader telling this device is “CN” u need to change that to “US”. everything will just works. VPN function will show up

I did it through the Uboot Web UI

Dose anyone have links to documentation or can DM me them? I’m trying to get my GL-AXT1800 working again. I upgraded to V4.2.0 and the router added the CN version and deleted all the vpn software and blocked access to the plug-ins, etc. How to do what @kkffoo is talking about? (adding US to the boot loader instead of CN).

I understand how to update the uboot and how to open it with hexadecimal editor but i don’t know what to search.

Maybe you could upload the modified uboot somewhere or tell me what value i need to search in the file ?

Thank you

May I have the instruction too? Thanks!!

remember to lock back the file to read only. to prevent further modification .

please refer to my latest reply . do let me know if that works

it seem like the admin here don’t like i post the command changing from CN to global … not sure who removed my post… if u are late here … i’m sorry… not sure why they want to remove my post.

Pls don’t post the method.

is there a problem on posting the method ?
I tot we r here is to share the knowledge.
any policy that said we should not sharing the method ?

Hong Kong is now under China jurisdiction so China laws apply to Glinet. If alzhao says don’t publish method, listen to him please. We all want glinet products in the future, no?
and as we use to say in my country : “you can play with the leash but don’t play with the monkey”


Wasn’t that fix already posted on the OpenWRT forums too? I’ve seen literally dozens of new posts on the topic in the past few months on the GL.Inet forums for the no VPN apps issue. A few on OpenWRT too.

GL.iNet is based in Hong Kong, which is a region of China and under that jurisdiction. GL.iNet is responsible for content on this forum, but is not responsible for content on OpenWRT or other forums.

People in China also buy GL.iNet products and should not be given the procedure to enable VPN on them.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Fair enough. It’s fine. At least we need to be informed. I don’t see any announcement at all. However, I don’t see any reason why using a VPN is a violation or against China’s policy. It is where you VPN to that matters.

It is like you are saying that just because a knife can be dangerous, you ban everyone from owning a knife. I’m not sure if this is a good example, but you get what I mean.

If posting the method here is a taboo, just make it clear so that everyone knows about it.

Thanks, I was able to copy the method you posted before it was removed. However I have not had time to try it yet!
In Hong Kong there is no law banning posting about, providing or using VPN’s, I also expect that GL.iNet wants to provide this information as many of their customers buy their products because of the vpn abilities that are built in. Hong Kong is not currently behind the ‘great fire wall’ and most of the internet can be accessed, some ISP’s block some websites in HK after the NSL law was enacted in Hong Kong by Beijing 2020.
China has a different legal system to Hong Kong, in China providing any services to help people get over the GFW is illegal, I think including selling hardware, built for this use case. Using a vpn, proxy, etc in China is a grey area.
If this forums data is not stored on servers in China then its not against the law to post information on how to change the router from cn to us. It’s then GL.iNet’s policy, and I agree they should make it clear to the users.