Flash MT2500 (CN) to Global Version

The HK NSL has 66 articles, using a vpn could and would fall under subversion- undermining the power or authority of the central government and collusion with foreign or external forces
The law is extremely vague, not clear, which allows the political party to use it how they see fit.

Not trying to start a debate Clearly GL.iNet has been warned about it either by the government or legal counsel.

It is not about Hong Kong.

It is only China regulations. The product sold in China should obey Chinese law. VPN is not against Chinese law. But as guys said, it is extremely vague. Also openwrt and Wireguard protocol is blocked by the GFW so does not work at all. Removing them is the best choice.

If you don’t know yet, we are having lawsuits with iqiyi, a major Chinese video streaming service. They sue us for adding adguard home on the router, blocking their ADs. So we need to remove adguard home as well.

Pls note WiFi routers sold in the US and EU are also different according to regulations.

Wow! I have not seen ads online or in videos for over a decade now. In the US, ad-blocking has always been common sense. I guess we had the ReplayTV lawsuits for commercial-free DVR with TV, but I was too busy enjoying the information superhighway to even waste time on that era.

I need know how to change CN to US/other . I downloaded 4.2.0 fireware from gl-inet.com, NOT cn. But it didn’t work.

Hi @alzhao,

Can you please send me the method? I just got my Brume 2 and im currently stuck with CN version cause i bought it from a local seller in my country (VN).

Hi @alzhao,
I am in the same situation as I bought a MT-3000 from taobao (It is the only way I can buy your product) but I live in other country (VN).
The VPN function and Adguard are the key point for me to buy your product.
Please understand and help me to enable these features for my MT-3000.

Dear Support,

May I have the instruction to flash my MT-2500A from CN to global version ? I just brought 2 sets from TaoX. Thank you so much!

你好, kkffoo,可以把命令行 发我一份吗?谢谢

你好,凯福福,您可以发我一下您的方法吗?就是如何从CN更改为全局的命令。dianwuchu@gmail.com 谢谢您

Hey kkffo,

Please send me the command to thebiggertusk@outlook.com when you are able! Please include your paypal/cashapp as I’d like to thank you for your assistance.

Could you please send me the command line for Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) in the message or email me at fmzj2@proton.me

Could you please send me the command line for Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) in the message or email me at fmzj2@proton.me

Hi, could you please send me the command line and instructions for MT3000 please

hi yuxin.zhou can I get the commline line as well, thanks!

Could you please send me the same instructions? Thank you very much!!!

Hi @alzhao ,

I currently have a AXT1800 and MT3000 running, could you please send me the instructions, thanks!

I have similar problems with the CN version of MT-2500. Could you tell me how to resolve it?

Could you also provide me the instructions to flash the global firmware for MT2500?

I would like to get the instructions to change country code as well. My email is rec0n@hotmail.com.

Thank you.