Flashing Light Codes

I have a new Slate AXT-1800. Can anyone tell me what the flashing light codes are? Mine started flashing 5x on, and then solid, flash 5x, then solid, etc. Are there other codes? Thanks.

It looks like you are into “U-Boot” flashing mode ?

" * For GL-AXT1800(Slate AX), the blue light flashes 5 times then stay on."

Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs (gl-inet.com)

I don’t think so. If I power cycle the slate, all is well. But 5-10 minutes later the light starts to flash again.
I am in a hotel with a authentication portal using the slate in repeater mode. With the Vpn turned off, the slate connects and Authenticator to the hotel wifi and repeater mode works. Then turn on vpn. All is good. HOWEVER, 5-10 minutes, the blue light flashes, wifi from the slate is still running but there is no Inter connection. Reboot the slate and it works again, for several minutes.

Anyone have any ideas?

Did you take a look at the LED configuration under Luci → System ?

Ah, my dear friend LUCI. Unfortunately I’ve never met her! :blush:

No I haven’t. I’ve never been in the Luci portal. Are there instructions somewhere? Are there things that you can -do- in Luci, or is it merely a deep dive status? Sorry for being a newbie! I have done SSH to adjust the fan settings.

Blue flashing may be indicating No Internet

The hotel may detect and not like VPN?

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