Flint 1800 Beta 3 gone again?

Hello, why was beta 3 removed and now only beta 2 is available for download?

Same with the Slate. Thought I was just mistaken till I saw your post :smile: likely some issue in the build so they pulled it :man_shrugging:

The software there now is tagged at “release 2” which could mean “release candidate” and has a higher build number than the “beta 3”.

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Similar situation with GL-B1300 Convexa-B.
4.1.0 beta 5, beta 4, beta 3 and beta 2 all removed and now only 4.1.0 beta 1 available for download.
All progress made since September last year simply gone…!?

Hello, what is that with the firmwares in the download center???

Sometimes it is 4.2.3 then suddenly 4.5 and then the router shows you should download 4.4.5.

But that is not possible via the router, then you look in the download center for 4.4.5 is not there at all.

If you look 2 days later, 4.4.5 is suddenly there for download. If you look today, e is suddenly 4.2.3 again.

What is this eternal back and forth and back and forth ???