Flint 2 - 4.5.7 - IPv6 issues

Hello there!

I recently purchased Flint 2 and have encountered some issues with the v4.5.6 firmware. Initially, when 160Mhz was enabled, the iPhone 15 Pro and HP Notebook experienced intermittent freezing of their 5Ghz WiFi connections. Fortunately, this issue seems to have been resolved in the v4.5.7 update.

However, I’m now facing a different issue with v4.5.7. After enabling IPv6 in Native mode, the IPv4 and IPv6 tabs disappeared from the Ethernet information in the Internet menu, and this problem persisted even after rebooting the device. In v4.5.6, these tabs were visible after a reboot. Additionally, the Dynamic DNS no longer displays information about IPv6.

Despite these interface issues, IPv6 connectivity appears to function, as confirmed by tests on https://test-ipv6.com/ and https://ready.chair6.net/. After several reboots, the IPv6-related errors were resolved, but the absence of IPv6 details in the interface remains inconvenient.

Could you please look into restoring the visibility of the IPv4 and IPv6 information in the Ethernet info of the Internet menu, as well as in the Dynamic DNS test modal? This would greatly enhance the usability of the device.

Thank you!

Additionally, after updating to v4.5.7, I’ve noticed some concerning messages in the log:

Wed Mar 20 20:51:34 2024 daemon.warn dnsmasq-dhcp[4795]: DHCP packet received on eth1 which has no address
Wed Mar 20 22:52:57 2024 user.warn ddns-scripts[10875]: glddnsv6: Get current IP via 'web' failed - retry 1/0 in 60 seconds

I am using a PPPoE connection without VLAN. These log messages appeared post-update, and I am unsure about their implications. As this is my first experience with GL iNet routers and OpenWRT, could someone please provide some insight into these warnings and suggest any steps I might need to take to address them?

Hello, are you able to take a screenshot to see where it disappeared?

Different but also IPv6 breakage for me with the update: my router receives a prefix delegation, and I can see it in LuCI, but br-lan doesn’t get the delegation and so my network no longer has any IPv6 at all.
Screenshot from 2024-03-22 10-25-27

I just solved my issue: I turned IPv6 off in the regular admin panel interface (not LuCI) and turned it back on again. I guess this rewrote a config or something, and it works again.

Sure, two tabs were here:

and also IPv6 entry was here (added an example of IPv6 address):

Hello, in versions 4.5.6 and 4.5.7, we have made modifications to the openwrt version due to wifi disconnection issues, so there may be some areas where LUCI has not been properly adapted.

I found a screenshot with the mentioned IPv6 functionality that is now missing in v4.5.7: