Flint 2 and M2 5G board is very slow. Are there configuration guides für carriers?

Hey all

I experience slow download and super fast upload speeds. Generally Flint and M2 seem to have connecting problems and when router reboots the board doesn’t reconnect. LTE_FDD and 5G NSA values show excellent- what are max speeds for the board?

Im on an all in unlimited 5G O2 Gernany network. I purchased a Quectel RM520-GL M2 module but barely manage 100 mbit and sometiems awkwardly 300 uplaod when I test network speed My iphone and pixel easily manage +500 mbit and 70mbit uplaod same spot same day.
Do I need to upate the board or is this automatically done connected to Flint. Both LTEd and 5GNSA

According to my knowledge I guess its so,e settmg wrong. So far I used auto funktion to install- Confusing si that the optins are just 3G and LTD.

Thank you