Flint 2 - DNS per device

hello there- i would like to configure multiple device based DNS on the flint2- can anyone suggest if this is possible. Basic use case is for example one device to go to and others to go through a specific DNS like nextdns, opendns

I would assume that this is possible with some luci magic (maybe VLAN based config)
What is the exact use case for it?

If you want to have a group of multiple clients by mac address and use a different dns instead of default, i recommend using dnsmasq tagging.

If only for full dhcp on the interface, you can use dhcp option 6.

I think adguard home can control each device and select upstream dns servers

Adguard setting > Client setting > create which device and put upstream

I have subscribed to NextDNS and have multiple profiles created which are for general browsing with no restrcitions and then for students- profiles which block social media, youtube, FB. Ideally it would be good to push Unfiltered DNS to the teachers devices however for the kids devices/mac addresses push the DNS which have the restrcitions…

Tbh, this isn’t the right way. DNS servers can be changed on end devices.
Better way would be using VLAN in combination with some firewalling.

I am also interested in doing something similar with a Flint 2 as my main router and an Asus as a second router connected to the Flint 2's LAN port.

I would like all devices connected to the Flint 2 to use a specific DNS from a service such as Getflix and all devices connected to the Asus to use my ISP's DNS.

I am not very good with routers so any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.

To be honest: This is really advanced. Without being good with routers it won't be possible.

I would recommend to ignore this requirement and set DNS servers manually on the end devices. Mixing routers isnt something you should do anyway.

You can set a different DNS for each client easily if you use AdGuard Home, and have more control of services for each device.