Flint 2 (GL-MT6000 ) - bug reports - collective thread

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I use wpa2, and it happens the same way, I no longer have problems with not being able to connect to wifi, but when I was testing 4.5.5 release3 BETA, there was a moment when my internet was completely unable to access anything, videos loading from 2 in 2 seconds I wasn’t even able to access the page, only after restarting it came back, that’s why I questioned the devs about having released this version as stable, apparently the version 4.5.5 release1 that was released as temporary is better than this release3 version was released in beta and is now in stable.

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At this point if you see that "sed -i '/SHORT-GI-160" line in a new users post just report it, since he’s been banned a few times from here and the OpenWrt forums.

The thread that he keeps linking to is literally titled “802.11ax worse than 802.11ac”. And we already know that the 2.4GHz radio doesn’t support 802.11ac or 160MHz, so it should be obvious that they’re talking about 802.11ax underperforming when using 5GHz. But this guy can’t figure that out :man_shrugging:

And that 5GHz patch is a band-aid solution, since it limits all of your older non-AX devices to 802.11ac @ 80MHz. So if you’ve currently got 160MHz working via a 802.11ac network card and you apply that patch then your maximum link speed would decrease from 1.7Gbps to 866Mbps.

I have custom AdGuardHome installed and just upgraded to 4.5.5 and it removed it. I had to reinstall it again. Guessing this is a bug?

Nah, it’s normal. Flashing the update will remove all custom packages and installations.
You can work around by using this: Keep data on router after firmware update - #4 by xize11

and how would this be done?
because there in the topic it seems that it only stores the configuration files and not the updated opkg itself.

I would say you could try to add the path to the binary itself - should preserve it.
That’s the con of having a router where you can do custom installations.

for the safe side I would say only hold this method for configurations :slight_smile:, or if its really specific only for specific targeted packages.

it could work but only if the packages match and their dependencies with the toolchain its compilled with.

theres a reason why OpenWrt by default wipes all packages it’s to avoid possible bootloops due to transit/orphaned dependencies and packages some packages have different kernel dependencies.

I can speak for this because on my Mochabin I use a ext4 sata disk as /overlay mount, I always have to manual unmount the overlay and do the format myself or really bad things can happen if all old packages keep sitting on a new update :D, luckily I have a serial connection so thats how I could see it :grinning:

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but the luci-app-attendedsysupgrade and auc package doesn’t do this function?

nope, I believe what it does is compilling its own OpenWrt based on a release chain and then include them in the image in the compile process :slight_smile:

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Too bad luci backup doesn’t work on gl.inet firmware

I already did the test and it doesn’t work.

I already backup the data config. The package itself was missing and I had to reinstall it. Is there a install adguardhome after the upgrade. Such as auto running opkg install adguardhome or is this not recommended

Not recommend, not possible to automate it in a safe way.

I found out you can make a file in /etc/init.d and install it as a service. Make the start be 60 seconds delay before starting it so you can login and disable it. This way if it messes up the router, you have time to disable it.

This is bug solved…thanks team gl.inet

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Just got my Flint 2 a few days ago. Set it up with just Adguard Home and Wireguard server running great on 4.5.4.

Updated to 4.5.5 overnight and my 5ghz speeds dove down to 100-250Mbps. They were at 700Mbps+ before the firmware update, wired still getting 800Mbps+.

Downgrading back to 4.5.4. and hoping it fixes it.

Edit: That fixed it. 5ghz speeds back to 700Mbps+.

I also experienced difficulty with 4.5.5 on my Flint 2.

On 4.5.4 all worked well but once I upgraded to 4.5.5, my Multi Wan (Failover) keeps saying no connectivity on the Repeater connection.

Downgrading to 4.5.4 fixes the issue.

It seems to be the problem I mentioned in the beta version released a few days ago…

Serious? new account the same solution?