FLint 2 - GL-MT6000 has much worse performance on 2.4 GHz than GL-MT3000

I have a 350Mbps connection. On my PC (wifi6 card) the download speed with Flint 2 reaches 320Mbps as well as Beryl AX.

Now on my Android cell phones (wifi 5 and wifi 6) the Flint 2 download speed is no more than 100Mbps while with the Beryl AX it reaches 240Mbps.

I tested it on my Fire TV too. Although the FLint 2 signal is stronger, the 2.4GHz performance is very poor. Can anyone test it too please?

The wifi settings of the 2 devices are the same, channel 11, 40MHz band


I’m having the same problem.
on Android it doesn’t exceed 100mb…


Issues with iPhone 14. Increasing latency with some distance.


Ok, I did some tests here with the GL-MT3000. I did a clean install of firmwares 4.4.6 and 4.5.0 (beta).

The problem is on firmware 4.5.0 where the download speed on 2.4GHz drops abruptly on Android. In firmware 4.4.6 this does not happen.

Although if I back up the settings from firmware 4.4.6 and put it in firmware 4.5.0, the problem is solved. There is something with the configuration files in firmware 4.5.0 and I believe this is also reflected in Flint 2 as it is in firmware 4.5.x

I still don’t know which file is the villain.


Ok, on Beryl sometimes on firmware 4.5.0 clean install I have more than 200mbps download speed, but sometimes less then 100mbps. So, I can’t really say the culprit is firmware 4.5.0.

But on Flint 2 I never got more than 100/120mbps download speed

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Having this problem as well. I’m on firmware 4.5.3 and have 1.5gbs fiber. On 5ghz i’m getting 1400mbs and on 2.4ghz i’m only getting ~40mbs right next to router (testing on Samsung S23)


Same here, 40MHZ bandwidth. Galaxy S20.


@alzhao Can you help us here?

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I seem to observe similar behaviour but on a snapshot of OpenWrt, somehow 5ghz has more range than 2.4ghz which is kind of strange to me, on the flint 1 i was even able to reach it with 5 bars from 4/5th levels of my appartment outside.

On the other hand I have roaming active on a another flint 2 with official firmware, maybe i should check later what it shows when im far away with the OpenWrts one off.

The strange thing is in wifiman it keeps saying both AP are in 20mhz when I had set them to 40mhz.

Now i also have set them to legacy and B rates unchecked to see if it works better.

Something seem off, can someone confirm if flint 2 signal is more interfering to close devices like a wifi connected energy meter (homewizard)?

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I just tested snapshot of OpenWrt on MT3000 and the speed on Android, on 2.4ghz is very slow. But changing to GL inet firmware (21.10 based) I have no more issues with 2.4GHz speed on MT3000.

Since MT6000 is 23.05 based, It seems the problem is related with openwrt version.


i guess the driver has to mature too, on their github branch i still see some commits, but i also see some issues too.

I guess its all very new, from what i understand even sharing the calibration firmware through emmc is something they also added recently atleast from what i understand of it.

I hope once when a new release comes out it can be added to GL’s, because i believe the current version is 23.05.0 rc0 when 23.05.02 is out as full release but support is added after 23.05.02 for mt6000 that would be a much more stable foundation as fork.:grinning:


Just bought Flint 2 from AliExpress and I have the same problem, wifi 2.4ghz speed is awful and the latency is very high on android and other devices. My old Slate GL-AR750s is much better in 2.4ghz band, it’s crazy

Same here, getting 20mbps/down on 2.4ghz compared to 580mbps/down on 5ghz. Still much slower than my ISP-provided Eero at 950mbps/down but the 2.4ghz is obscenely slow.