Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) - Upgrade to the latest firmware v.4.5.7 for enhanced experience

We have released the latest firmware version 4.5.7 for Flint 2 (GL-MT6000). This update brings significant enhancements to Flint 2’s Wi-Fi stability and compatibility, providing a more optimal user experience. Please note that this release is built on OpenWrt 21.02 (Kernel version 5.4), which is a slightly older version compared to the previous release, and utilizes MTK, limiting full customization options.

To benefit from these improvements, we recommend updating to firmware version 4.5.7. Meanwhile, we’re assessing the demand for a fully open-source firmware for Flint 2. If there’s substantial interest, we’ll dedicate resources to maintain such a firmware. We’ll keep you informed of any developments. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and patience.

How to upgrade the latest firmware?
Connect to your Flint 2 admin panel, and enter your password. The firmware upgrade notification will appear automatically once you login to the admin panel.


Got to say this version is more improved than previous beta for 2.4ghz, the older was a bit slower :+1:

This is for 2.4ghz im 1 meter near it so not a real test:

^ also i did not bother to mentoin this because i update with keeping the settings, but i have WED enabled in /etc/modules.yml