Flint 2 hardware acceleration


Been lurking these forums for a while now. I currently own the AX1800 (Flint 1). Seems to be pretty well known at this point that if you are running Wireguard client or VPN policies, hardware acceleration is disabled.

Currently have a 500mbps up/down fiber connection. With WG and AdGuard Home running, speeds are cut dramatically down to 150 up/down or less. The 128mb of RAM is typically completely maxed out upon checking, and the router even gets unstable sometimes. CPU isn’t really the bottleneck.

My Flint 2 arrives tomorrow. 1 gig of RAM, 2 ghz processor vs. the 1.2 ghz processor in the Flint 1. Question is, will hardware acceleration still be disabled under the above conditions on the Flint 2 and if so, does the Flint 2 have enough grunt to run VPN and other services 24/7 without getting hot or unstable?

Edit: 19 devices on the network. 2 TVs, PS5, Mac, work laptop, iPhone. Rest are smart bulbs and plugs.

Thank you!

Been running my flint 2 for 3 days with adguard, tailscale, vpn client, parental control. No issues, RAM sitting at less than 50% every-day. CPU is sitting at less than 2%
With hardware acceleration enabled.

Thanks subzero! Is hardware acceleration something you had to turn back on, or did it simply remain on?

Its enabled by default.

Do you know if hardware acceleration is disabled on Flint 2 after you have enabled policy for your VPN?

Negative, it remained enabled. You do have the option to disable it if you need to.

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There is also an option for Software Acceleration, have not tried that one.

Thank you for sharing! What menu are you seeing this option under? I can’t see the left column in the screenshot. I appreciate all of the detail!

Network > Network Acceleration.
This is for firmware version v 4.5.3