Flint 2 looses AP connection

Hi All,
I own two flint 2 devices.
One is working in router and 2nd I have set it to be Access Point connected from main router LAN to AP WAN.
Both devices distributed same SSID networks separately for 2.4 and 5Ghz.

All was working fine for 10 days, AP was having it's own clients, and it was visible in Mains router clients list, but sudennly after 10 days, AP shows in disconnected state.

After AP restart, it appears for a while in connected and then after 1 minute it disconnect. Ethernet cabke is fine. I have tried with using different LAN from main router and same story. Even I have reverted AP to default and setup it again in AP mode. After 1 minute, it just disconnects and I'm unable to log thorugh GL UI to it.

There was no any reconfiguration , changing settings, it just started disconnecting overnight.
Any suggestion what I can check? Maybe the reason is main router?

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please go through this topic to provide all the necessary information for troubleshooting:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks. So I'm usisng on both the devices only stock firmware v4.5.8.

Ok, so it looked very strange from the beginning, as I could not believe it is software issue, becuase of this one minute interval before it get's disconnected.
I have tried , if this is not maybe some LAN or WAN port failure, but all was working fine when connected to ports through same cable on both devices to laptop.

So I connected all devices in same way as before with all the LAN devices to main and AP router, but what I did , I have switched POWER ADAPTERs between them and it completly solved the problem.

My suspition is, that the original Power Adapter, from main router is failing to deliver full power now. I will do some measurements, but for now it is working, when Adapter is plugged to AP. It might be the main router required some more power, and it was not giving enough, when AP was added to it's LAN port. That is very strange, that main router was still working fine, it's just the port was reported like disconnected cable.

I will make some testing and if confirmed, I will report it to GL support for service.

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Can you let me know is the "original power adapter" is the one comes with the package, or another one?

If it is the power adapter comes with the package, we'd like to get it back to investigate.

I use only original Power Adapters, that was in the package.

That might be logistically complicated a bit, as I need to get someting for replacement first.
How do I proceed with return?

Thnaks, Greg

We can send you a replacement. But as you said the power adapter works with one router but not another, it is strange.

If you can do more testing that could be better. Like switch back the power adapter and check again.