Flint 2 MT-6000 5Ghz new channels

Just wondering why a router released on 2023 does not support the channels 165-177 on the 5Ghz band, any you guys have any insight on this?



These channels are non default so it highly depends on the country. In most countries they seem for short range devices only, that’s why they are mostly missing, I guess.

Check this article for U-NII4 bands usage and supported countries:

So why not give us “US” users the ability to use them? :thinking:


Did you try to change the country code to a country that fits already?
Tbh. these bands are so rare - no effort should make to get them working.

4.5.4 does not pass the 161 channel but it let me select the country

4.5.7 let me select the 165 channel but it’s only 20mhz wide :person_facepalming: and it does not let me select the country

This is mess up :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That’s the standard. 165 is only 20 MHz.
That’s why I said: Just ignore those high channels - they are not for daily usage.

Fair enough :call_me_hand:_____________