Flint 2 new bridging issue with vlans on 4.5.7 snapshot


I just ran a snapshot 4.5.7 on the Flint 2 (2024-02-27), but its becoming more unresponsive for me.

here is one example to demonstrate what I mean:

  • First i remove all firewall zones, put all global rules to accept and disable dnsmasq and firewall and then remove all interface such as wwan, modem, secondwan until i only have wan and lan.
  • Then I create a DSA bridge named br-wlan0, and add eth1.50 (eth1 is the wan interface) and select checkbox keep up bridge
  • create a interface wlan0 with protocol dhcp using this bridge device.

result no dhcp client ip has been given, I can see TX and RX but no ip resolution.

interestingly if I change the device of interface wlan0 to eth1.50 it works.

I even reset my main router to make sure my gretap interface was not the one interfering, this issue is new for me because it always worked in a bridge.

when I played too much with it, the router locked up, and dropped my packets with a time out.
^ this is not true, I noticed the ip was changed on wan so thats fine.

my main router uses OpenWrt snapshot: r25246-bf304d10e9
and my dumbap the one I got issues with: 4.5.7 (2024-02-27)

also I got a suggestion for the dl.gl-inet.com site :wink:

there is no way for me to copy the checksum it only shows when hovering but I cannot copy it or click it to copy, that would be very useful.