Flint 2 - Router Mode - 2,5 Gb ports as LAN - Internet access Configuration

  1. Connect the local network cable to the WAN/LAN1 port

  2. System/Reset Firmware – Delete all and reboot

  3. Set an IP address from the network on your device

  4. Open in a browser

  5. Select language and click next

  6. Set the password for the Admin user (root in LUCI) and click Apply

  7. Change Ethernet port 1 (WAN as labeled under the port) to LAN. Now both 2.5 Gb ports are on the LAN

  8. Network/LAN Change the router’s IP to your desired LAN IP (If you have DHCP, reserve it in the DHCP or set an IP outside the DHCP range) in my case and click Apply

  9. Access the router's IP from the browser, in my case, enter the password, and log in

  10. In my case, disable DHCP in the Network/LAN menu (I don’t want to use this, I would set it as a relay, but it doesn’t have that option, unfortunately) and click Apply

  11. System/Time Zone “Sync” if it detects the time zone from your computer, or set the desired time zone and click Apply

  12. Applications/Plug-ins and confirm that no plug-ins are available for installation, only the installed ones are shown (we’ll fix this now)

  13. System/Advanced Settings and access the address shown on the right, in my case:

  14. Enter the password and log in

  15. Go to Network/Interface, a warning will appear, accept “Continue”

  16. Click “Edit” on the LAN Interface (br-lan)

  17. Interfaces >> LAN / General Settings enter the IPv4 gateway, which is the IP of the router that connects to the internet (the ISP router in my case) and click Save

  18. It returns to the Interfaces screen, click Save & Apply at the bottom

  19. Now we can verify internet access. Go to Network/Diagnostics and change the first field from openwrt.org to a known internet IP and click IPv4 Ping, in my case I used and it should respond

  20. If you don’t enter an IP and leave it as it is, you will receive this message: since no DNS is configured (we’ll set it now), but we already have internet access
    (Image 2)

  21. Go to Network/DHCP and DNS, in General Settings, enter at least one DNS Forwarding, in my case, I enter my ISP router’s IP ( since it accepts DNS resolution requests, but you can enter any internet DNS IPs you want ( or or or whichever you prefer) and click Save & Apply, the left button at the bottom

  22. Go back to Network/Diagnostics and this time everything should work (all three tests)

  23. Now let’s check the Plug-ins, go to System/Software and click the green “Update lists…” button; it will access the internet and download the list of updatable items, something like this should appear:
    (Image 3)

  24. Click Dismiss and return to the Software screen where you will see everything available for installation (several pages)
    (Image 4)

  25. Return to the gl.inet Interface to Applications/Plug-ins and see the same list, you can install but not update “refresh”, this must be done from LUCI
    (Image 5)

  26. And the message above, of course.

  27. Then I configure “my stuff”, like WiFi, TailScale, etc.

I can't upload more than one image, but I hope this helps.
Flint 2 Config.zip (271.6 KB)

Many thanks for your debug guide.
Will refer to your idea to fix this issue, but let RD team evaluate if this is the best way.