Flint 2 speed limit on 2.5 wan port

Hello everyone!
I recently bought the Flint 2 because I want to make the most of my 2.5/1 fiber connection. However, I’ve noticed that when I do speed tests through my desktop PC (with 2.5 ethernet lan capable) connected to the 2.5 lan port of the router, the maximum speed is always 1gbps. Is there any setting that limits the speed of the 2.5 lan ports? Is there a way to do a speed test directly from the router? My current firmware is 4.5.4. Thank you very much!

Could you please check on your PC what kind of speed is available for the connection?
Maybe auto-negotiation didn’t work well.

You are sure that you plugged your PC directly into the 2.5G LAN socket?
(I know you said so, just asking for a double-check)

This is my link speed on my pc, and the cable is connected in second port, near the first wan port (which my ONT is connected). I use cat6 cables

Could you run a speedtest using speedtest.net and post the result?
You may censor your IP.

Here the speedtest

Yup, try it:

wget https://install.speedtest.net/app/cli/ookla-speedtest-1.2.0-linux-aarch64.tgz \
&& tar xzf ookla-speedtest-1.2.0-linux-aarch64.tgz && ./speedtest

this is the speedtest run by connectig to rotuer in ssh mode. it is correct?

What kind of port do you have connected on the WAN side? Have yout tried to do the test connected directly to the ONT with the PC see what you get?

PPPoE or DHCP, I don’t think get direct ONT to PC.
@ilguala you ISP is 1GBps? your speed is correct. If your ISP over 1GBps that would be more speed.
I have Flint 2 and connected to PC which I have 1000/1000 link speed and similar speedtest.

2.5/1 sounds more like 2.5 down Gbps / 1 Gbps up.
The biggest question: Is the ISP capable of providing the speed, or is it just what the contract says.

what I know in UK have resident house/flat bigger broadband is 1.6 GBps but depend ratio download and upload.
mine contract is 910mbps and speed today:

Yes ratio 1/1.

Sorry but i don’t understand what you mean.
My setup is: ONT(ZTE F6005) ->(cable to WAN 1)->ROUTER(Flint2)-> (cable from WAN/LAN 2) → DESKTOP.
How can i connect directly from my Pc to ONT and make speed test? is it possible?

we do have residential 10gig here in UK: https://b4rn.org.uk/get-b4rn/packages
plus business ones. also citifybre started the upgrade of network for 10g residential since 2022 (CityFibre Upgrade UK Network to 10Gbps Full Fibre Broadband UPDATE - ISPreview UK). i had my ONT changed to XGS-PON at one of my locations in november but atm there’s no provider in the area to provide more than 1.2gbps symetrical.

From here ZTE F6005 | Hack GPON , your ONT does support 2.5Gbps on the ethernet WAN port.

Try to do ONT(ZTE F6005) ->(cable to WAN 1)-> → DESKTOP.

see what speeds you get.

I’m not sure of my profile speed because in Italy TIM owns all the infrastructure and the other ISP rent some parts of it and my ISP is Fastweb. The connection profile in italy are usually 1000/300mbps or 2500/1000mbps.
So in my particular case the profile i think should be 2500/1000 because i have 1gbps of upload speed. The problem is that also the download speed is 1gbs and that is very strange.

Is it possible to connect to internet directly by ONT?i know that is possible to connect to administration panel of ONT but not also navigate on internet

Does your ISP use DCHP? If they do should be as simple as connecting the cable from the desktop directly to the ONT box. Your desktop should pull an IP from the ISP and be connected directly. Then make sure your physical connection is at 2.5Gb at the ethernet layer, then do a speedtest… if you are still getting 1Gbpsish speeds, there’s probably an issue with provisioning, ISP or else… if you are getting 2Gbpsish speeds, then there’s an issue between the ONT and the Flint2/Desktop setup.

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I don’t suppose you’ve confirmed that Realtek is actually capable of handling 2.5 Gbps, have you? Real world rates would be around 2.3 Gbps if it were. In your case the USB controller of your computer is also a factor in this.

If you’re looking to reduce lag you’re going to want a non-USB NIC… preferably Intel… & preferably w/ TOE. Realtek ain’t exactly great, if you know what I’m saying.

This is absolutely true, USB 2.5gbps NICs will struggle to hit even 2gbps. The driver CPU overhead is brutal and if not properly optimized you just won’t reach max speeds.

That said, OP seems to be knocked in precisely at 1Gbps so he’s probably gated somewhere at 1Gbps.

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OP could have some crappy default driver that was ‘automagically’ installed in host OS. I’d run IPerf3 between the two. Someone post a HOW-TO for OWRT; I’m too damn lazy ATM.