Flint 2 - Suggestions on China VPN provider

Hi guys, just bought Flint 2 as I’ll be spending the next 2 months in China.

(have access via corporate VPN network (Cisco Anyconnect) but can only log in a device a time)

do you have any suggestions on a good VPN provider that’ll work in China?

Also - will OpenVPN and Wireguard work in China? I’ll probably just go for OpenVPN as my main line only has 200mbps speed anyway.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thank you.

Mostly no.

There are a few VPNs available in China, but I can’t recommend you one nor can I tell you if they will work. Using a VPN to get behind the Great Firewall is pretty difficult.

With deep packet inspection not possible with regular vpn.

But with something like a shadowsocks/v2ray/trojan connection and then multihop over a actual vpn, possible.

but these type of configurations are difficult :wink:, ive tried them with mullvad but couldn’t get it myself to work, just as learning practice.

^ also i dont think mullvad is the safest, since their servers are publicly announcent, this is a thing with alot of these vpn and proxy, they can be aware of full asn blocks.

also you don’t want all your connections having the same end point ip, this will clearly be a marking of suspicioun.

  • I don’t know what the risks are involved, if they get you with a vpn though, maybe they are too risky to do so.

I tried the main providers and none of them worked fine.
The solution I found was adding Brume2 at home (working as VPN server) and travelling with Beryl AX (VPN client)

thanks xize11. I’m not tech savvy but it seems a lot of my mainland china friends have some kind of VPN on their phones (paid for service) that work well, shadowsocks was one of the things they mentioned.

I just wonder whether it will work on a router :slight_smile:

Ah - i just googled this, do you think Flint 2 can act as a VPN server too? I can probably leave it in Hong Kong then.

Jup you can install shadowsocks as a opkg, but i don’t know how it works :wink:, when i tried with mullvad that did not worked, but i do know it would be possible for sure.

Yes, it has this feature as well

It can.

The problem is that China is doing Deep Packet Inspection (+ additional and very intelligent things). So if you can use a VPN for one time it does not mean that it will work another time. Mostly it will fail then.

Here is a great video about how the firewall works:

Shadowsocks on the Flint2 requires much manually afford. And speeds will be … not that good.

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This is a VERY good link, many thanks for sharing!