Flint 2 Unstable WiFi


I’ve recently installed a Flint 2 router at my home and seem to be having issues with the WiFi.

It doesn’t seem to disappear but rather all devices connected will not load any pages.

When running a speed test while this is happening I noticed the speeds on my 1gig line is barely hitting 1mb.

If I disconnect my device and reconnect everything seems to go back to normal.

This is happening with all types of devices. Phones, android tv, tablets etc.

I’ve set the WiFi channels manually to ones that have nothing in my local area.

Are there any logs or settings I can apply to resolve this?

I guess you are using the firmware <=4.5.6?

Sorry yes I should have mentioned that.

My guess that my MT300Nv2 have similar issues. If a wifi client connect to it, it is usually became slow, unresponsive. Even via SSH. I tested the latest stable version and snapshots. With 3.x version I never experienced issues likes this. Also If I flash it with latest Gargoyle (which is OpenWRT 22.03) it works like a charm.

Have you tried the 4.5.7 beta? It uses a completely different wireless driver.

I haven’t but happy to give it a try.

Day 2 on the beta version and all seems much better.

Fingers crossed.