Flint 2 - Upgrade

Yesterday I tried to install last beta firmware: it worked fine but at the end I have to reinstall many luci packages (opkg install x, y,z etc etc.)
Is this normal?

Thank you.

Yes, that’s normal.

Installing the firmware will reflash the OS image.

Is there a way to take a backup of Luci? So after the upgrade I can restore easily without reinstall every single package.

Thank you

Yep, here you go:


Thanks a lot!
There is also the option from the Luci gui: System → Backup / Flash firmware / Generate archive (I did not notice that)

Would not do it that way because it could be problematic when the config isn’t suitable for the newest firmware.

I wouldn’t worry about that too much; most user installed ipk are going to be incremental in nature so the confs should be relatively re-usabe. Worse case scenario is to just reflash again after a bad configuration fr the restored archive, then cherry pick thru the tarball for individual confs (7-zip is free for those on Windows).

I could see that being the case if/when GL finally pushes out OWRT 23.05 based builds & all the custom iptable confs everyone’s backed up go to shyte. That’ll be interesting.


Firmware v.3 offered after upgrades a list of the formerly installed packages for easy reinstall, doesn’t v.4 do the same?

Basically the script re-install all the packages, the gui all the configuration files. You should use both (and naturally double check is the configuration is still valid with the new pkg)

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Exactly. Text files are easier to store than trying to muck around with dd or rsync just to dump full copies of the onboard storage’s partition contents.

Does have a special hidden storage for reset factory? I noticed GUI have option Reset. I wonder if upgrade firmware and will be overwrite all inside storage and lost reset factory :thinking:

It doesn’t seem so but major releases require complete overwrites w/ out option to save current confs, (eg: 3.216 → 4.3.7) IIRC.

root@flint:~# blkid
/dev/ubi0_2: UUID="bcfe3adf-298d-4ff3-90d2-c20e0b988f72" TYPE="ubifs"
/dev/ubi0_1: TYPE="squashfs"
/dev/mtdblock9: UUID="1252580573" TYPE="ubi"
/dev/mtdblock12: TYPE="squashfs"

f/w 4.4.6-r1