Flint 2 - VLAN with VPN


Is there any way to create a VLAN on Flint 2 where the VPN is set only for it?

I would like something like this:

  • SSID 1: just the Adguard running on it;
  • SSID 2: it will be used to connect IoT, running Adguard + VPN Client

Or should I buy just another device (like GL-S200) for this purpose?
My IoT are connected to Sonoff NSPanel Pro (Zigbee ones) and others by the WiFi.

It’s built-in: VPN Dashboard - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

Proxy mode: Based on the VLAN

But using AGH will create additional trouble. Might be possible that you can’t use AGH + VPN on some VLANs the same time because AGH will expose your IP then.

Thanks, so I’ll probably add an GL-S200 for this purpose