Flint 2 vs MT-3000 + GL-M2


I am new to GL.iNet and I am interested either the Flint 2 or MT-3000.

I need a router as I will be living in mainland China for a few months and would like to increase my security.


  1. Does Flint 2 have similar functionality as the mobile router like the MT-3000? In particular, can Flint 2 tap into a public WIFI like the MT-3000?
  2. How many devices can the MT-3000 be connected at the same time? Or in other work, if I have ten device consistently connecting to a MT-3000, will it crash?
  3. Is MT-3000 a good option for 24/7 operations? Or should I go with Flint 2?

Second part of my question is on the GL-M2 dev board. How do I check to see if it will work in mainland China? Any tips or advise?


In Chinese Mainland, even if VPN is used, you cannot cross the Great Wall Firewall

I often use PureVPN when I am in China. Connection success would be around 60% only.

Hoping these GL.iNet router can do better

The router isn’t the problem, China is.
So the success rate won’t be better - I would even say that it will be worse because you won’t be able to use hide-techniques like the native VPN apps do. It would be a miracle if you can connect with the router.