Flint 2 won't connect to the modem

So is static IP my only option here? Does the router not work for Verizon USA?

Without further information about what kind of DHCP is used here it’s rather impossible to help. Something is odd, but I can’t tell you what it is.

Maybe you should check it with your ISP.

Or contact your ISP for login and password for Pppoe.

Cable modems don’t have PPPoE - they often use MAC-based DHCP auth.
That’s why I am curious if the DHCP works well.

@freshgouda You could try to clone the WAN MAC of the old router.

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@freshgouda did you manage to fix this?

I know someone who is facing the same issue with Arris Surfboard S33 v2 and Flint 2.

okay, in my friend’s case, they had a laptop connected to one Ethernet port in the modem and router connected to the second Ethernet port in the modem.

The ISP does not support connection over both Ethernet ports in the modem. So, just connect modem’s one Ethernet port with the router and disconnecting the laptop solved the problem.

Thank you.