Flint 3.214 to 4.1 upgrade issue


I followed the instructions mentioned in this link - Upgrade GL-AX1800 to Firmware 4.x - GL.iNet Docs

the upgrade itself went fine and router is back up. As expected the 3.x settings got wiped off so the new SSID for the router is GL-AX1800-fc6-5g and GL-AX1800-fc6.

The problem is when I connect to the new SSIDs it is asking for a password and when I key in my old password (obviously) it doesn’t work. Is there any default password that I can use? or should I reset the router?


i think the default password for gl-inet routers (stock) is “goodlife” without the quotation marks.

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Thank you so much. Using that password worked.

Another unrelated question - Firmware 3.x had the easy option to use NextDNS profile un customer DNS. I do not see that in 4.1 firmware. Has it moved somewhere ?


I just noticed that as well. But I use NextDNS inside the AdguardHome application

So turn off AgGuardhome in the GUI not Adguardhome Settings page and then go to DNS should be there. Strange I did thing adguardhome was on by default I could be wrong.

docs 4.x of DNS

Thanks for the responses everyone. @Leo link helped me configure Next DNS.

With AdGuardHome enabled the CPU usage and memory usage of the router was crazy (94%) but now using NextDNS, both hav edropped below 40%.


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