Flint 4.5 AdguardHome QUIC issues


After upgrading my Flint to 4.5 AdGuardHome DNS over QUIC stops working as seen in the logs which shows the below:

Server "quic://dns.adguard-dns.com": could not be used, please check that you've written it correctly

Fri Feb 23 08:27:35 2024 user.notice AdGuardHome[5569]: 2024/02/23 00:27:35.796518 [error] dnsproxy: upstream quic://dns.adguard-dns.com:853 failed to exchange ;stream.******.com.	IN	 A in 6.6005ms: dialing quic connection to quic://dns.adguard-dns.com:853: INTERNAL_ERROR (local): write udp [::]:55210-> sendmsg: invalid argument

Furthermore, whenever I logging to the admin panel there is this annoying message in red that says: "Unknown error occurred. Please check the network environment or reboot the device."

This also happened after upgrading to 4.4.6 as well but not in previous releases.