Flint A1800 leaking DNS?


I’m running NORDVPN on my new Flint.
Also, I have enabled Adguard home which uses cloudflare as upstream.

When I’m doing dnsleaktest.com,
my DNS is leaking to NORDVPN, which should not happen, all my DNS queries should be going to cloudflare via ADGUARDHOME.

Is there any known issue or fix to this problem?


I can see DNS forwarding is happening in Luci so everything should go to adguard.


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Please ignore this post.
It looks like my upstream DNS uses same ISP as nordvpn, that’s why it was creating confusion.

I remvoed it from list of dns and I’m not seeing GXL anymore.

Love the product now, building my confidence more on this product.


Same issue here. No idea why. restarted network, troubleshooted ISP… Changed DNS… nothing.

Hi how did you enter as this comes up as invalid even in LuCI

You need to change DNS settings in the adgaurd Home Settings page accessed in the Gl-iNet GUI. Then navigate to adgaurd Home DNS settings pull down tab and change upstream DNS to your preferred DNS.

Hi sorry if your answering another post but the is done by AdGuard normally just appears by default in the DNS on the internet page and custom DNS also in LuCI under WAN, but on my GL-MV1000 I have been trying to put it in manually but it won’t let me because of the #3053, my GL-AX1800 does show but it leaks 5 DNS settings turn off AdGuard and it shows one so a little lost which is the best way to go about it.

Adguard Home is you routers IP address 192.168.xxxx.xxxx:3000

Once you are at the Adguard Home Dashboard go to DNS settings

Set you up stream DNS.