Flint A1800 Unstable - Needs rebooting daily

I’m not great with networking but I got talked into this somewhat expensive router thinking it would be rock solid. Not sure how to access advanced settings but going to opens a pretty basic admin panel. Going to “More Settings” in the drop down only shows some limited 5ghz and 2.4G options. There is something called Luci which I can’t seem to get in. I also got one of the Gl-Inet apps which has similar options.

Anyway, I have it running with great speeds all over the house but this only lasts maybe 48-72 hours before everything gradually slows to a crawl and eventually kicks all devices off and I have to go upstairs and reboot.

What is the best troubleshooting sequence?

Try a firmware upgade latest version is 3.208 you can use the GL-iNet GUI click upgrade and should show show version if a new one is available. Use different names for you 2.4 ghz and 5ghz networks both you primary band and guest band .(there is a issue with roaming handoffs). LuCi is you OpenWRT GUI with a huge amount of customization. It is using a old version of OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 but will be updated to a new version hopefully soon.

The slow speeds could be you ISP throttling you internet, but is problely the router needing a firmware upgrade. It is also advised that you restart your router once a week to clear things out of memory caches and delete old software.

Ok, thanks. Upgraded to 3.208 from 3.206 and will give it a few days.

I couldn’t get past the login screen for LuCi - is there a guide for using it? Thanks.

To log into LuCI UI, the Username is root and Password is the same as the Admin password in the GL.iNet UI.

LuCI → Status → System Log and LuCI → Status → Kernel Log are good functions to check for errors/notifications in the logs. They are cleared/volatile on reboot, so you have to review while the router is still running.

Cool. Looks like there is the ability to schedule tasks there. Any way to automate a weekly reboot?

You should be able to set up a schedule in cron:

Personally, I use TP-Link HS103 smart plugs on some network devices that can be scheduled to power off/on based on hourly, daily, weekly. Using the Kasa app, I can even power off/on remotely to reboot at any time.