Flint arrived!

Just arrived, the Flint in hand …:clap:


Give us more photo :grinning: Speedtest wan and AX wifi, and test wireguard speed :grinning:
And upgrade firmware before testing GL.iNet download center

My PPPoE line is 500Mb/250Mb,the AX-1800 can easily reach the maximum speed in 5Ghz Wi-Fi.
Flint acts as WireGuard Server, I connect from other network the maximum speed I can get is around 180Mb/120Mb from my phone.

Wi-Fi 5Ghz Speedtest Result

Act as WireGuard server connect from other network through phone

Oops, all above tests are done with default firmware v. 3.205 (the Upgrade check function in router is not working so far. )


System info:

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Download new test firmware and upload in the local upgrade tab. This is testing firmware and Flint not see new firmware, new firmware router check in release folder.
I’m have iPhone 11 too he is have AX i’m think, my laptop have AX wifi from intel, i’m want to test it both devices :grinning: And i’m have site 2 site wg config from good cloud with two remote routers. I’m pre-order 2 pcs Flint’s but parcel is not shipped yet. Soon it will be time to buy a third Flint :grinning: I’m think they are change my 2 pcs brume-w and 1 pcs mango.

Wifi signal strength is good?

WiFi signal is good and I find out an interesting thing that is I put both Beryl and Flint nearby and I measure the signals around 1.5 meter distance from them. The Beryl is always stronger than Flint and it’s really interesting to see their signals compete each other in the Wi-Fi measuring App. :grinning:

P.S: it seems that firmware v3.206 is smoother than the default factory firmware 3.205 ? (so far feeling)

Signal measuring for both Beryl and Flint in 1.5 meters distance:

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Beryl it’s a very good router. @cafebug What about max temperature (with full cpu loading)? Do you can make this test?

Unfortunately, there is no temperature sensors built-in with Flint :frowning:

(should be price/cost considering ) :upside_down_face:


Sensors is a good feature. Can you run test and touch the case after 10 min? :grinning: Maybe you have a temperature measuring device


I don’t do specific intended test, the router operates around 3 hours so far, I measured the upper cover surface temperature(GL-iNET logo area) is around 41 degree Celsius(the most heated area), the bottom area is around 48 degree Celsius (the most heated area). with my portable infrared thermometer.

P.S: the weather here is around 30 degree Celsius.

Ok, thanks for help and fresh info :grinning:

Mine arrived too mid Europe might post a photo or two. Just for info and feedback. , Edit the routor was a massive increase in speed of my networking the change between having a vpn on and off is less then 3% and 4ms ping time. insanely good upgrade from a standard issued routor from my ISP and the Slate(vpnonly).


Congratulations! The delivery company is playing cat and mouse with me, but I think we found a time we can meet - very excited to get my hands on the latest greatest from GL-iNet!

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Nice one.

Mine is still unfulfilled :sob:. Hopefully will be sent very soon!

@cafebug do you have laptop or some device with AX wifi?
Can you test local wifi speed? For example from laptop (connect to wifi AX) copy data to shared folder on some server in your local network connected with ethernet cable. And copy speed in shared folder on USB 3.0 hdd connected to router.

Hey guys,
I have a NAS in my local network attached.
This is attached to the Router behind the Flint.
Is there an Option to show Network Drives? With Flint my NAS is not reachable

Mine arrived today. No VAT or customs had to be payed in EU. Strange.

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Looking at the graph, both APs sit on the channel 36 (42). Let me guess, no support for DFS channels (and band B)? Can you at least manually force it to use channel 58?

Neither Beryl nor Flint support DFS channels through GL-GUI configuration, only non-DFS ones are supported.



I did receive a letter separately a few days or weeks later asking me to pay the customs last time I ordered