Flint arrived!

@cafebug do you have laptop or some device with AX wifi?
Can you test local wifi speed? For example from laptop (connect to wifi AX) copy data to shared folder on some server in your local network connected with ethernet cable. And copy speed in shared folder on USB 3.0 hdd connected to router.

Hey guys,
I have a NAS in my local network attached.
This is attached to the Router behind the Flint.
Is there an Option to show Network Drives? With Flint my NAS is not reachable

Mine arrived today. No VAT or customs had to be payed in EU. Strange.

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Looking at the graph, both APs sit on the channel 36 (42). Let me guess, no support for DFS channels (and band B)? Can you at least manually force it to use channel 58?

Neither Beryl nor Flint support DFS channels through GL-GUI configuration, only non-DFS ones are supported.



I did receive a letter separately a few days or weeks later asking me to pay the customs last time I ordered

Great :frowning:
At least my first impressions with router are very positive.

I’m still waiting my 2 Flint’s, very long time delivery, waiting 22 days, parcel is still not in my country, my country delivery company is waiting parcel from HK, i’m think need waiting approximately two weeks or more :pensive:

Mine just arrived but I am having buyer’s remorse. I think it is going onto a shelf, unopened. I should have done more research. I bought it because it runs OpenWrt but it turns out that that claim is a bit misleading. To quote the OpenWrt website:

Only supported OpenWrt releases are considered safe. Any use of unsupported versions is strongly discouraged due to multiple, severe, well-known, actively exploited security vulnerabilities in the kernel, third-party applications, and 802.11 protocols.

OEM devices may indicate a specific OpenWrt or LEDE release name in banners or other locations that are built using Qualcomm Atheros’ QSDK. These builds, while based on OpenWrt code are not OpenWrt and are often not compatible with OpenWrt configuration approaches. QSDK builds are often very good builds, incorporating proprietary code from Qualcomm Atheros. Support for these OEM builds is best sought from the OEM.

So it’s not using OpenWrt but a fork of an old version of OpenWrt, 15.0.5 and should really be called something else to distinguish it from actual OpenWrt. From the screenshots above, it is running a Linux kernel with LTS (good but note that it will be EoL in early 2022). Not so good is that the kernel is identified as 4.4.60 which was released in April 2017. The latest version of that branch was released earlier this month and is 4.4.289. Which begs the question, is it really missing 4+ years of patches?

Thank you for share!

Hi mine arrived great service can’t fault that.
A couple of thoughts why did it only have one LED a VPN LED would of been nice, also the LAN ports could have had little LEDs on the front also why are the ports upside down, never seen that before not a problem just an observation.
Will the Luci interface be updated can’t chose the Wi-Fi channels a little limited, and other updates on the latest version missing.

Couldn’t the OpenWrt version be updated by GL.iNet, on saying that it seems strange do design from scratch using an old version of OpenWrt to start with, not sure of the idea behind that.

I think the problem is that official OpenWrt does not support the Qualcomm IPQ60** family of processors and is unlikely to do so for some time. See discussions on OpenWrt forum. It’s a bit disingenuous to claim it’s running OpenWrt when in fact it is running an “OpenWrt based platform”.

OK thanks not sure a way round this problem then.

You will get an invoice later from FedEx (Letter)

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Are you sure mate?

I use an ios app to monitor all my Linux devices and it reads the device temperature.

I have another cheaper gl router as well but my app doesn’t read it.

Just to be sure that it’s not a false reading, i have a fan to cool my devices, i turned it off and can see temperature climbing… turn it on and can see temperature going down

@alzhao Can you confirm this please?
Also, my other devices in same room run at 40 Degrees Celsius but Flint is usually 20-25Deg above.

Is it normal operating temperature ?

Do you mean 65 degrees Celsius for Flint to work?

Room temperature at 40 and Flint at 65 should be fine