Flint AX-1800: miniDLNA (OpenWRT) does not index some of files or folders

On my flint ax-1800 router i try to share media library from external hdd via minidlna , but some of folders and files are missing if viewed via dlna (any) clients:

  • All files and folders have same user:group (122:adm) and access rights (755)
  • If i rename missing folder and restart minidlna service, folders appear in dlna directory. I can rename then this directory back and indexing still work correctly. (#service minidlna reload). For larger folders that does not work, not all files are found, and each time it can be different files/subfolders missing

Is there any viable solution to fix minidlna indexing issue ?

Some solutions I found, I can’t apply, as I can’t find, f.ex files.db (indexing database file).