Flint AX1800 All Wi-Fi Clients Disconnected (3.216, v4.1)

I see some other threads about Wi-Fi issues with this router but the solutions seem very specific to particular use cases and not applicable to my setup.

All of my Wi-Fi clients have disconnected. Router has been working without issue for over a month with no changes to configuration. Early this week all of the Wi-Fi clients disconnected. Reboot doesn't fix it.

I can access the router remotely via VPN, WAN is working. UI shows no clients connected. I am remote so cannot inspect in person.

  • Firmware: 3.216
  • Router Mode
  • Wireguard server enabled, DDNS enabled
  • IPv6 disabled
  • WLAN 5GHz and 2.4GHz with separate SSIDs, guest networks enabled for each.

System Log: Dropbox

Thank you for your help

Your log shows some problems:

  1. some problem related to ath (wifi driver), but I cannot indentify this is a fail.
  2. wan port disconnect and reconnected
  3. ddns error
  4. rstp.sh script error, not sure what is this

But I strongly advist that you upgrade to 4.x firmware and clear the settings to start over.

Thank you I will try. Do you mean that the ath issue might be hardware but you can't tell from the log? Many thanks.

I looks like not hardware issue, but config messed up.

@alzhao Updated to v4.1 and did not transfer any settings. But clients do not see any SSID broadcast and previously-connected clients (before initial issue) do not auto-reconnect.

No WiFi.

Log is here: Dropbox - 2024-05-25-flint-log-v4-1.txt - Simplify your life

Thank you for your help in advance

Can you ssh to the router and try


There are some error but also show radio is online. But I need more testing.

Try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check for firmware updates (if available).
  2. Try temporarily disabling Wireguard and DDNS.
  3. Verify if only guest networks are affected (if applicable).

@alzhao iwinfo printout attached, thank you: Dropbox

Thanks for the info. It seems that the radio is just fine.

Do you still have the same problem now?

I suggest you just reset the router and set up again.

@alzhao Thanks for looking. Yes same problem, I attached a wireless AP to the device to get wifi.

"It seems that the radio is just one." -- you mean that it's powered ON or that there's only ONE radio? Sorry for the misunderstanding.

When I upgraded to v4.X from v3.216 the first time I did wipe the settings, but I did not see the following note:

If you are upgrading from 3.x to 4.x via the web Admin Panel, please download the firmware file for Uboot.

Does this mean I just upload the Uboot file in the Gl.inet interface or must I use the Uboot file and use the Uboot Web UI?

Sorry I mean just fine.

Use uboot failsafe mode.