Flint AX1800 - Link Aggregation

Hello everyone👋

My ISP recently started supporting 2.5Gbps.
Is it possible to bind together the LAN ports (Link Aggregation) on the GL-AX1800 to exceed the current 1Gbps bottleneck?

If not, hopefully a new modem with 2.5Gbps support is coming soon, would love to control my network while having the highest possible speed😄

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Possibly using mwan3 and creating vlans switches. I think their is a actually hardware issue but I could be mistaken.

I do not understand the benefit of aggregating LAN ports.

Even if LACP is supported on the router to aggregate WAN ports, then one of the router’s LAN ports would have to be changed to a WAN port and the ISP modem/router would need LACP to be supported to aggregate 2 of its ports. If the ISP modem only has a single 2.5Gbps port, then there would not be any benefit on the GL-AX1800 with only 1Gbps port hardware.

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