Flint AX1800 luci interface message


I am using latest firmware version (4.1) and trying to access Luci settings for advanced configurations.
When I access Luci and then click on Interfaces, I get the following message:

Upon pressing “Continue”, ifname options will get renamed and the network will be restarted to apply the updated configuration openwrt.

My question is: can i safely click Continue without breaking out everything else?

Do you have a complex network setup? This is when it starts converting iptable to nftables and can cause issues.

It should be ok as I use it with 22 day uptime on my AX1800

Thanks for replying, no complex network setup (using VPN, adguard). What I am trying to do is to apply this:

Since apparently I am not able to do that with the router default settings.

Has anyone else saw this message and clicked continue? Any issue with router functioning?

I think just click continue and it should be OK.