Flint Ax1800 needs reboot every 2 days

Just bought AX1800. While it improves the range, it loses access to internet every 2 days and we need to reboot. Super annoying since all home automation stops working for sure. Also today, when I disconnected and reconnected power I saw a little spark! Are these common issues? Anyone has similar issues? Not happy at all so far!! Thanks.

What is the firmware version?

Do you use vpn, adguard home etc?

Do you have crash log?

turned off vpn, ad guard, etc. Since I suspected those were the cause. Didn’t help… Quite frustrating. Latest firmware. 3.214. Also saw a spark when connecting the power supply to the modem not the power point. Thanks

The spark is normal.

Did you enable crash log and check?

No, I’m not a sophisticated user. How do we enable crash log? Thanks

In the web panel->applications->log.

I just enabled crash log. Somehow I can export a log but not sure if it’s useful. Thanks

There is system log and crash log.

Crash log should be useful. Syslog may not be useful.

It happened again. Lost internet connection but now i noticed only 2.4 lost internet but not 5Ghz. How can i pm you the log? Thanks

You can send via email support@glinet.biz

Pls cite this thread as reference

I PM Ed you, somehow it won’t allow me. To send to support@glinet.biz
. Thanks

I also emailed support@glinet.biz but no reply yet. Thanks

I got it. Just need time to check out.

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Ok, i have another crash again while I’m in a meeting and it’s super annoying… I will resend latest log.

I received your log and @hansome is having a check.

Hi, the log shows a lot off dropbear session started, seems you open ssh port on WAN. Your router may be under attack. Please check that and setup stronger password.

Another tips: to get more capacity on 2.4G wifi, better setup bandwith to HT20, like following picture.
I notice that you have 27 2.4G clients connecting.

I don’t remember opening an SSH port in my wan. How do I close IT? Also what do you mean with under attack? Hacked? Thanks

Better do a factory reset and use stronger wifi and admin password.
Most probably someone turn off firewall at LAN side, then the traffic from WAN is not filtered, there are malicious traffic guessing your ssh password from WAN.

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