Flint AX1800 often WiFi disconnect and reconnect (4.1.0 stable version)


I’m notice that my flint router often Wi-Fi disconnect and reconnect on each day. Especially if the VPN server or VPN client is toggle on, each of 2 days the WIFI totally disconnected and need to reapply back the the connection for PPPOE as am used for my main router.

What is the problem pls? Here is my log :
log.zip (65.3 KB)

Do you mean the wifi signal is gone or you cannot connect to its wifi, which happens when pppoe disconnects?

From the log, you have a vlan id for pppoe and it report modem hangs. Did you manually reapply the pppoe to make it connects?

Yes, after the wifi is disconnected then I have to reapply the PPPoE connection in sometime.

It’s often the wifi is disconnected and then reconnected again for a while. Which means the wifi is connected without an internet after disconnected.

Except for vlan ID 500, what else did you set up on the router?

Adguard home and vpn server only.

From the log I found the following:

$ cat system.log |grep PAP
Sun Dec 11 08:23:21 2022 daemon.err pppd[12859]: PAP authentication failed
Sun Dec 11 08:23:25 2022 daemon.err pppd[13823]: PAP authentication failed
Sun Dec 11 08:23:29 2022 daemon.err pppd[14850]: PAP authentication failed
Sun Dec 11 08:23:33 2022 daemon.err pppd[15845]: PAP authentication failed
Sun Dec 11 08:23:34 2022 daemon.err pppd[16867]: PAP authentication failed
Sun Dec 11 08:23:38 2022 daemon.err pppd[17527]: PAP authentication failed
Sun Dec 11 08:23:42 2022 daemon.err pppd[18652]: PAP authentication failed
Sun Dec 11 08:23:46 2022 daemon.err pppd[19664]: PAP authentication failed
Sun Dec 11 08:23:50 2022 daemon.notice pppd[20682]: PAP authentication succeeded

I guess if internet is not accessible, the station will try to disconnect wifi connection.
Could you check /etc/config/network config for pppoe username and password when issue happens?

More important message is:

Remote message: Access number is exceed

So maybe ask ISP for some information.

What do you mean for access number is exceed?

Hi, could you ask ISP? I just searched router code but on luck. It’s sent by PPP server side.

I have checked with my isp and they have reset the port from their end. Let’s see what happens in next. Thanks!

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