Flint AX1800/ wired connection to LG C8 SmartTV not working properly

New Flint AX1800.
3.215 flashed

WiFi and wired connections all appear to be working well with my laptop, PC and phones.
However, for some reason my LG C8 Smart TV is not happy for some reason.

For instance all my streaming services load, (VUDU, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube) I see tiles, but if I click to play an actual video/song, it just hangs. Nothing ever loads and/or depending on the service the player just crashes. My adblocker or whatever it is called in the router is not enabled.

If I connect the TV through Wifi, Everything works great. Its something about the Ethernet connection

I’m at a loss, as everything everywhere else is working perfect.
(yes, cable was tested, all green)

Hmm I may need some more information:

1: Do you segmented your tv into a vlan maybe?, Or do you use a custom interface with dhcp on the port from the router to your tv?

2: Do you use any vpn service?

If in case its case 1, make sure the desired interface is setup in a bridge if you won’t do this some devices keep connecting and disconnecting, I noticed this also on the mi tv, on the flint before openwrt 21.2.

No VPN, no adblocking, haven’t gotten that far. The router settings are essentially stock, Its just a C8 with a normal 20ft cat5 cable.
As I said, on WiFi it works great, but go to wired and no content will load aside from tiles. There are clearly packets flowing for that to happen, just cant load anything.

Do you mean with this that you made your own patch cable?

If so… you may can attempt another test:

Try pinging from a laptop or pc to your tv like 100 packets and check if the ms ping fluctates alot if it does, then the cable might has slight signal loss, green lights either from utp ports or from a utp tester might can give a false positive if the cable only has a small cable failure since such things only check if the pins make contact in the right order from point A to B like straight cables versus cross cables, but it might not see the distorted signal, the ping method can be very accurate if you get more than 20ms and fluctating then the cable is at failure or the router outperforms (but you can verify that by pinging other devices aswell)

For windows ping is ping -n 100 ipaddress and for linux I believe its ping -c 100 ipaddress

For 1 Gbps LAN port, you need to use CAT5E Ethernet cable, or preferably CAT6 Ethernet cable. Connection maybe intermittent on CAT5 Ethernet cable and Green LED only indicates link status.

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It’s a new, category 8 - 2000MHz SSTP PIMF Patch Cable.

With the wired Ethernet connection, are you able to use the other LG apps, such as opening the WebOS browser to surf websites and to view the free LG channels?

The cable maybe the problem. If you can move the rv and router closes and test a shorter and common cable that may help.