Flint DNS Settings with VPN and Adguard

Sorry to start a new thread here but I needed to make this clear so there is no confusion.
I have a new FLint router and want to get the BEST DNS performance while running BOTH OpenVPN (With NORDVPN) and Adguard. I just ran a DNS Benchmark test and the first snapshot shows the results

The next Photo is from the SHOW MY DNS

Here are both my current Flint DNS Settings and my Adguard Settings

Please let me know how to set this up for the best performance based on the DNS Benchmark

Also I am afraid to make changes that completely screw my router to where I need to factory reset.
It also seems to me that there should be a certain procedure to follow when there need arises to turn off Adguard and or VPN for unblocked access… Since they are so dependent on each other, should one be turned off before the other or does the sequence matter?

Also still cannot get my Adguard to update to .0.107.2


Hi Chuckster

Question#1 Fastest DNS server

So right know your upstream DNS Servers are quad9. You have a primary ( and a secondary ( In addition to these because you do not have Override DNS settings for all clients checked devices on your network will use their own DNS settings. (This can make things slow.)

I suggest using NordVPN DNS servers Primary and Secondary (fixed DNS my bad) and make those you only DNS servers(This is because the work well with nord vpn security and show one maybe to servers and some times the show none in a DNSleaktest.

I will answer more later

Thanks I really appreciate your help! I think you have a typo.

According to the Nord Site these are the DNS servers addresses are and

I plan to try this asap…

Hope I did cause to much confusion with Nordvpn DNS.

Question #2) back up your settings

In LuCi go to system pull down tab and click Backup / Firmware upgrade. Under the heading backup and restore there is a button that says generate achieve click it and save it to your harddrive. This is a backup of all your settings. to use it click browse next to restore backup find you file and click upload.

Question #3) Turn off ad guard VPN

I’m not sure I understand correctly, There are times when AdGaurd Home block something that is needed to use a website, is what I think you are getting at. You can add a rule to the Filter DNS allowlist.

If you want to be able to have one computer not use VPN then use the VPN policy located secound from the bottom of the GL-iNet GUI. You can have it exclude vpn use for certain Ip/domains or MAC addresses. You can not have both it is either one or the other.

I have mine set up to exclude Certain MAC addresses from the vpn use. It will still use adguard Home for DNS quires

Thanks for the reply… I have since caused my router to shit the bed. Not sure what I did but rebooting and powering off did not fix it. Had to Revert the Firmware.

Once I did that and starting from scratch I was able to update the Adguard to the Latest 0.107.2 successfully. Also I noticed there is an option to disable protection in the settings page… That seems to be a gentler way to shut down adguard rather than using the toggle button.

That being said I also added Google.com and Amazon.com to the VPN Policy so that resolved my gmail issues and Amazon Prime Video issues. Amazon wont play till you disable VPN. You can log in fine… However they put a banner up to disable the VPN.

Quick question, is there any specific sequence for disabling the VPN or Adguard. One always before the other? or does it matter?

Lastly, I re-ran the DNS Benchmark and nothing stands anymore. It even told me what I am using is good. Its the Woodynet servers (Quad9)

One more update… I populated the DNS servers of NordVPN in both Upstream and and bootstrap sections of the Adguard Home DNS Settings. Now all I show when I do a DNSLeak test is Packethub s.a. Miami

With a VPN on everything should be going through the the encrypted VPN Tunnel, when the tunnel collapses any thing in transit will be lost does that make sense, Adguard is running your DNS and nothing on the internet works with out DNS. That stated the best order in my opinion is to stop the VPN then Adguard home, but it really does not matter

I use the vpn for everything with very little issues. I only use the NordVPN DNS servers for upstream request. Bootstrap DNS are the next DNS servers if they don’t get a response form the first ones. When you use the Nord DNS it hops IP address about every 10 minutes of so and just have to wait a litter bit to watch stuff.(might have to flush the local machines DNS settings too.)