Flint few issues

Hi all I just received my flint today.

some questions:

It is normal Flint load 90% memory in use? I connected around 22 devices (few wireless, others trough a router connected via Ethernet).

Seeing some of you having the no internet at all connection when using VPN trough wifi but Ethernet works fine. Tried everything. I’m following up those threads to see anybody else curls find a fixing.

I’m also having intermittent internet loading stuck using wifi no VPN no IPv6. My devices suddenly stop surfing the web with webpage not loading. Some of my devices pop ups a “Not internet connection” note in network settings.

These last two seems to be not related issues.

Yap, the memory on my Flint is always almost 90% even just few Wi-Fi devices connected.
If you enable AdGuard Home, it will eat up to 99% memory usage, sigh !

Have you tried 11ac mode instead? Maybe it’s compatibility issue of 11ax mode. We’ll do some optimize on wifi stability on the other hand.

Memory shows 90% is okay if network function well. Also we’ll try to optimize memory map of wifi firmware and openwrt os.

Yes, no positive result.

Anyway I ended resetting the router con configuring everything again, I discover problem is related to the VPN policies. Not sure the cause but without any policies configured, router works well. With policies not so much, sometime it hang the connection and only solution is a manual reboot.

Initial problem regarding no internet trough wifi but Ethernet only, is solved itself after resetting.

Btw love the speed. Really good for my taste and previous routers I was using lol.

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Same here, seeing a high memory usage and load of around 1.86

I noticed that if i activate and deactivate the vpn twice the internet connection is blocked.

Firmware-3.207 is currently released, you can update to the latest firmware.