Flint firmware 4.1.0 Multi-WAN


I have just upgraded my Flint to firmware 4.1.0 and noticed Multi-WAN
option in the menu.
Will this work with WAN wired internet and i.e. 4G USB dongle?


It is supposed to manage priority and balance on

  • Cable
  • WISP repeater
  • Tethering
  • Modem
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Hi @alzhao

Which 4G USB modems are supported?

Pls try hostless modems (i.e. tethering)

I tried with my normal ISP using WAN + iPhone tethering and getting the below when I try to enable Multi-WAN

OK I have just tested it now, despite getting the error as mentioned earlier the actual Multi-WAN failover worked.
After disconnecting my main WAN cable router switched over to iPhone connection loosing just 2 ping replies, nice :blush:

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So now @alzhao

What would be the best USB 4G dongle modem to use with this solution?
Have you guys tested anything specific yet, can you recommend something?

I have tested some. But most are old models.

I suggest that you just choose hostless one which should be very common.

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Thanks for adding this absolutely vital features. Is there anyway that a second ethernet port can be used as the second WAN?

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You can take a look at this thread:

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

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It is nice to see that dual ethernet WAN is possibly achievable although this looks way to complicated for me to try to be honest and will also not be reflected on to the new development within the new UI which is what I have been waiting for since eternity. I was hoping that a simple switch of one of the ports from LAN to WAN using the simple interface will be possible at one stage. Thanks again for your help.

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I’ve been using the AXT version of this at my hotel, using LTE via Tethering and repeating the hotel WiFi. I’m more concerned with squeezing out more bandwidth than I am failover, so as long as I have the “Load Balance” tab selected on the “Multi-WAN” section, will this give me aggregate bandwidth between all the WAN devices?

Oh, and are higher numbers higher or lower priorities here?

It seems that the GL.iNet GUI and LuCi do not communicate or sync. If I make changes in LuCi Mwan3 it does not carry over and to GL.iNet GUI. This was before I upgraded to v4.1 release 2

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100 perecent agree with you. FLINT is a HOME router. Not a travel router.
The option to dedicate a LAN port as an additional WAN port and use that in FAILOVER/FALLBACK mode SHOULD be configurable through the UI. This is becoming a standard feature now on other HOME routers. Please add this in future firmware versions so customers do not have to resort to editing configuration files and other modifications to enable this. FLINT is a HOME router and the firmware should be different than the Travel Rouers to allow for configurations that are more aimed at a HOME setting.

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Load balancing and link aggregation are not really the same. However, it may provide greater throughput across multiple client devices, which may be less likely during travel.

How mwan3 load-balancing works

* mwan3 uses normal Linux policy routing to balance outgoing traffic over multiple WAN connections
* Linux outgoing network traffic load-balancing is performed on a per-IP connection basis – it is not channel-bonding, where a single connection (e.g. a single download) will use multiple WAN connections simultaneously
* As such load-balancing will help speed multiple separate downloads or traffic generated from a group of source PCs all accessing different sites but it will not speed up a single download from one PC (unless the download is spread across multiple IP streams such as by using a download manager

Heh. I’ve currently got 9 devices on my AXT-1800 at this hotel I’m staying, including a (bandwidth-heavy) Amazon FireStick- I can use all the bandwidth I can get :slight_smile:

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That’s a lot of multitasking :rofl:. Do you have family with you … kids have phones and iPads nowadays?

Did you check behind the TV for ethernet port plenty of throughput there. Maybe make friends with the staff, many hotels have upgraded internet that you need to pay extra for but is nothing more then a separate private network SSID that you sign into and they really can’t charge you for unless you told them.

My stays are work stays most times, so RN there’s 3 laptops, two phones, a tablet, the Fire Stick, and a couple of client devices … and the AXT-1800 never skips a beat (TBH none of the previous GL-iNet devices I’d used before did either, but the repeater performance of this unit is better than its predecessors!)

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Good to hear

I’m just curious why 3 laptops? If you don’t want to answer that is fine.

:gl_emoji_dizzy:I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet :gl_emoji_shacking: