Flint firmware 4.1.0 release4 is out





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Release Notes

V4.1.0 - Nov 3,2022


Optimize the structure of the side feature menu bar

Fix the occasional error message


Add VLAN ID setting entry in PPPoE mode

Fix unplugging the cable in Static mode will reset the static IP Settings

Add support for EM160R/EM060k/EM120K/RM520N modems


Fix Nginx memory leak


Fix issue to ensure that deleting saved Wi-Fis does not cause crash

Fix for repeating Wi-Fi with WPA2 EAP will fail

Add error message that repeating fails due to MAC Clone


Fix occasional non-broadcast of Guest Wi-Fi after router reboot

Fix incorrect display of Guest Wi-Fi in Bridge/AP/Extender/WDS mode

Fix memory leaks

Fix Guest Wi-Fi will fail when repeating


Add device type and name modification feature

Add device list sorting feature

Optimize the speed display to show the average speed of the last 3 minutes


Add Tor feature

Optimize the display of the proxy mode switch button to make it more eye-catching

Added a wizard to setup VPN Client

Add the start VPN button to the list of configuration files on the VPN Client page

Add the restriction rule to prevent the upload of OpenVPN configuration files with different encryption methods to the same group

Fix uploading larger zip files that would fail

Add a limit on the number of configuration files within an upload zip file, not more than 1000 per zip file

Fix the failure to add the same routing rule as the deleted one

Add error message for failure to decompress uploaded files


Fix multiple MQTT processes appearing

Fix router cannot refresh the binding information after GoodCloud is bound

Fix RTTY cannot connect

Network Storage

Add quick setup share feature

Fix the WAN interface not getting the address due to network storage

Add support for exFAT.


Add Multi-WAN feature

Add IGMP Snooping feature

Fix DDNS not working in Bridge/AP/Extender/WDS mode

Fix the Extender mode does not work when Override DNS Settings for All Clients is enabled.

Fix WDS mode not working when WAN port is used as LAN port

Fix the WAN/LAN mode of WAN port can not be switched in MAC Clone status

Fix Wi-Fi exception after modifying the LAN IP

Fix for IPv6 settings being lost when upgrading firmware with kept settings


Add Overview feature

Add Scheduled Tasks feature

Add reminder dialog for new version upgrade

Fix web logout exception after synchronization timezone

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Smooth upgrade using the .tar file. Temperature monitoring for the FLINT still removed.

DDNS over VPN still not working on this latest release. :cry:

Has release 4 been pulled and replaced with release 5 this quickly?
Was there anything wrong?

Am notice that the VPN cascading has been removed from vpn server of global option?

Thanks for the heads up…Yeah only about 12 hours on relase 4 and now release 5…Kind of reminds me of being on DD-WRT…

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all wireless 2.4GHz clients shows connected as wired… 5GHz clients ok

ignore: reboot fixed the issue. probably a bug after update

Yeah I had Release 4 running for 12hours before another update

actually seems to be a bug: when wireguard vpn active, all 2.4ghz wireless clients show as wired in client area

having same on slateax, suspect it happens when 2.4 AP is using channel 12 or 13
are you on one of those channels?

nope - channel 6. tested several times: when wireguard up, all 2.4 devices shows at wired, wireguard down, everything shows ok

@yuxin.zou can you pls check this one?

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We have not reproduced this situation.
Do you have any VPN policies set up? Which version did you upgrade from and which version did it occur? Can you try upgrading to release 5 to see if the problem is still occurring?

yes by client mac (only two devices to use vpn). updated to release 5 from release 3. it is not a big issue for me but just noticed. it doesn’t happen when using ovpn though
if i start wireguard client manually after reboot it doesn’t happen. only when wg starts with reboot