Flint (GL-AX1800) Additional (OpenWRT) Packages?

I would like to install the collectd system (an amazing tool, Google it if you’ve never heard of it…), but received the following error when I tried to install the luci-app-statistics package:

Collected errors:

  • satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for luci-app-statistics:
  • collectd
  • collectd-mod-rrdtool
  • collectd-mod-iwinfo
  • collectd-mod-interface
  • collectd-mod-load
  • collectd-mod-network
  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package luci-app-statistics.

I checked http://download.gl-inet.com/releases/qsdk_v11/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/packages & verified the required packages aren’t there.

I understand this router is stuck on OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 due to the lack of Qualcomm drivers for the current distributions of OpenWrt, and that it uses the “ipq40xx” architecture, from the OPKG-Configuration:

“src/gz glinet_packages http://download.gl-inet.com/releases/qsdk_v11/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/packages

My problem is, I can’t find an OpenWrt package archive that corresponds to this architecture:


Does anybody know which architecture I should choose here?




I really need this feature on this router, so if I have no options, then the router’s going back.

Does anybody know if I can install packages from:


Are you running the GL firmware, the one out of the box?
If yes, you should log into the UI and go to the Plugins page, click Update and then find the package you want to install. It should work then.

If you can’t install a package or you can’t find it, you can also download the IPK from the last URL you linked, and then use “opkg install <package_file_name>” from SSH.

Thanks, sorry if this wasn’t clear - the packages I want aren’t available for this version of the firmware:


I’m not too familiar with the QSDK project, other than what I read here:

I found the packages I want to install here:

Is it safe to install packages from this archive?



It’s safe since it is directly from the GL site, but you might get some linkage errors if things aren’t compiled for the same kernel version. You will just have to give it a try.

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Hey guys, luci-app-statistics related ipk has been added to soft repo.


Thank you hansome, collectd installed & Collecting!

Any chance we could add the collectd-mod-ping (and family) to the collection?

It’s insanely useful for troubleshooting networks. In fact, This module is the very reason I purchased This router.

Thank you!!


Just added collectd-mod-ping, what’s its family pacakge, if anything miss, please tell us.


Thank you hansome!!



This is what I was after!

Thank you hansome!!



I’m on beryl, can you add collectd packages for the beryl? using stock gli firmware I cant install them.

Hi, added collectd packages to repo:)

just tried via ssh, and it works! thank you!

can you also add collectd-mod-ipstatistics

Hi @hansome is it possible to add netdata package for Flint Please?

whats is so amazing, bunch of useless, not needed features, slows down router only.
i would like pixelserv - that is “amazing” - google it!

added netdata packages to repo

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