Flint GL-AX1800 certificate


After my Synology RT2600AC device crapped out on me I decided to order the Flint GL-AX1800 which will be here on Saturday. Can the device be setup with a let’s encrypt certificate and setup the unit with a domain to connect remotely?


You can request a Let’s Encrypt certificate yourself and replace the /etc/nginx/nginx.cer and /etc/nginx/nginx.key files.

I’m not sure which domain access you are talking about?

  • If you need DDNS, please refer to Dynamic DNS - GL.iNet Docs (gl-inet.com)
  • If your ISP provides a fixed public IP and you have your own domain, you can simply set up DNS rules and replace the certificate

You have full root access over SSH, so you can do everything you like there. There is also a LUCI web interface which gives some more possibilities that aren’t available in the bespoke GL-iNet web interface.

What are the strongest features of the modem?

I didn’t understand your question …
Are you wanting to plug in a USB cellular modem?

I just wanted to know what were the strongest feature of the device!! I just got the modem and it is now running. Adguard is running nicely and client VPN as well.

Do you think there will be a schedule reboot or shutdown in the future?

Depends on how you use it. For most users, it should be VPN and repeater.

Do you mean Scheduled Tasks?

I don’t see
web Admin Panel → SYSTEM → Scheduled Tasks unless I go to the Lucy.

You need to upgrade the firmware. All 4.x firmware does not support online upgrades yet because the settings cannot be kept.
GL.iNet Download Center
It is recommended that you back up your settings in LuCI before upgrading.


Your newest firmware does not allow this character £ in the password and backup has the character in the password and now I can not access the router…

You can change the administrator password via ssh. The command is passwd.
But most settings will not work if you import data from 3.x backups directly into 4.x, such as VPN settings. The purpose of the backup is to be used as a reference for manual input and to roll back the version.

Will the future firmwares will be able to retain the settings?

What is the purpose of schedule a restart daily?

Normal firmware upgrades can keep the settings. Only a very few versions containing major updates or rebuilds of features may lose some of your settings.