Flint (GL-AX1800) - Early Bird Offer order issues

I pre-ordered my AX1800 on Aug 24th and received it on October 18th. But it has this high pitched beeping that constantly happens ever since day one, I have tired to factory reset it and looked within LUCI to see if there is any option to turn it off but doesnt seem like there is speaker that could be making this noise and issue seems to be more because of hardware issue.

I also have an issue where the Router seems to 100% memory usage every 20-26 hours and reboots causing all devices on my network to be dropped. If i have adguard or wireguard server running 100% memory use happens at around 14-18 hour mark causing this issue to happen again.

Not sure if the router is defective or i am missing something in settings that is causing all this problem.

Please advise as to what i should do since I purchased this router primarily for ADguard and Wireguard reasons.

Please email to cs@gl-inet.com to get an exchange.

For firmware issue, Pls try 3.207 from GL.iNet download center

Just updated to 3.207 will try and see if things improve. The beeping is still there.

CS told me to return the router to them for an exchange but I currently don’t have a backup router to use so kinda stuck with this one. I see others reporting similar issues with the early orders, so is this a defective batch or hardware? Is the issue resolved with the new batch? I don’t want to be stuck in an endless loop of return/exchange. I rather just return and get a refund at this point if the firmware update doesn’t resolve the issues.

How about this, we send a new router to you. After you got the new one, return the old one to us.

The noise is hardware problem and cannot be fixed via software.

Yes please that would be great.

@alzhao I am still waiting to hear from support about the replacement.

Sorry I thought it has been worked out. I just contacted customer service and they said sending you a replacement. I thought you have email communications.

Customer service said they will send you shipping number asap.

If you still need my help pls just let me know.


Thank you for following up. And yes I did receive the tracking no shortly after your post. Appreciate you reaching out to the customer service team and requesting them to send the tracking info.