Flint (GL-AX1800) initial configuration through wifi

Currently Flint (GL-AX1800) initial configuration step can be done only through ethernet cable (firmware <=3.213, latest stable one). Other routers like mango or creta have default wifi/password after a reset which makes the initial setup easy and allows you a clean start even when you do not have a ethernet cable with you.
It would be good to have the wlan interfaces initialized by default with the usual password (goodlife).

I set mine up without any cables but you would need to do that via the Gl.iNet app on your phone if you want to achieve this.

Please note we will add unique wifi password later.

It means that if you receive a device with a sticker that has a wifi password (not goodlife) on it, you will need to use that password to connect wifi. You can choose to change it or not.

But if your router’s sticker does not have this info (i.e. for devices that has already being sold), you will use the old mechanism to connect.