Flint GL-AX1800 Internet Kill Switch & VPN Policy


I have a VPN policy for RTL+ (streaming provider in Germany). It should doesn’t use VPN, because otherwise I can’t start it.

That works without problems, but when I activate Internet Kill Switch, the app of my streaming provider doesn’t have internet.

But you and the router said, that the priority logic is VPN policy->Internet Kill Switch and not Internet Kill Switch->VPN Policy.

Is it a fault in the firmware?

Try Deleting you VPN policy for RTL+ then engaging kill switch wait a minute or so then set up your vpn Policy. Also is this firmware 3.213 and is it openvpn or wiregaurd being used

I tested it, but it doesn’t work.
Firmware ist 3.213 and wireguard ist being used.

So you are using Domain/IP I’m assuming. With vpn off and kill switch off you will need to see what ip connection are being established to RTL and add them to the vpn policy. You may be able to get away with putting rtl.com. I did forget to mention you will need to clear clear your DNS cache on you computer with each change otherwise it may take little bit to regester.
This is the tutorials.

To watch shows is the ip address https://www.tvnow.de so put in tvnow.de

Verifyed and this is correct VPN policy > Interent kill switch.

But problem is that you may not know all the IP/domain that the APP is trying to use.

No, that’s not true.
If I know that’s more than one domain, the other one must have internet through the VPN tunnel.
And tvnow.de in the VPN policy must have internet without the VPN tunnel.
But If I switched on the Internet Kill Switch, the app has no internet connection.
If I disabled the VPN policy, the app shows me that I’m using a VPN connection.
It must be a fault in the firmware that the priority logic is Internet Kill Switch->VPN Policy and not VPN policy->Internet Kill Switch.

Are you Clearing DNS caches? Try a different VPN Server(Some are blacklisted) Smart DNS Proxy need to be used with many streaming services.

So you answered your own question if connection A (tvnow.de) is connecting without a vpn and connection B (another ip address need to use RTL+) connects through a different ip address using a vpn then RTL+ determined that this user is not based in Geo location of Germany, thus they are violating our copyrights agreements with companies and service can not be used.