Flint GL-AX1800 IPv6 BT Internet

I have just got a Flint AX router and quite like it but it’s my first step into Open WRT so still learning. I have the router up and running and have Adguard and Netdata installed but i am struggling with IPv6 - all local clients get an IPv6 address but it doesn’t seem to be on the Wan side as when i test IPv6 on a test site i score only 4 out of 20.

Surely all modern routers should do IPv6? Am i missing something simple?

Regards, Ian

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Hey there, welcome to the forum👋

By default IPv6 is disabled, you can enable it through in the admin panel under “More Settings → IPv6”.

I would personally recommend updating the flint to the latest beta. It is very stable and runs OpenWRT V21.02. It also adds IPv6 support for DDNS.

You can download the latest beta here: Releases · gl-inet/gl-infra-builder · GitHub

This is just my recommendation though, it’s not necessary needed😄

IPv6 should already work on the stable releases, but needs to be manually activated.

Thank you for the welcome and the help.

I should of said i am already running the latest beta build and have already enabled the IPv6 option to no avail.

I got it…i had to change it to Static IPv6 and it all worked and passed 19/20. This is unusual as previously i have set other routes to Native but i can see AAAA being passed through DNS and i can see an IPv6 address on the Wan as well now.

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Hmm that’s quite odd indeed.

I personally don’t use adguard home, but I’ve looked into it before deciding I was sticking to NextDNS.

Have you enabled the DHCP server in adguardhome? I believe you can choose which you’d wanna use, Flints or Adguardhome’s. They shouldn’t be enabled at the same time however.

Scratch my last comment then, nicely done :smile: :ok_hand: