Flint GL-AX1800 Power tripped didn't dial up PPPoE

Hi I have many times encountered I got power tripped but Flint didn’t manage to connect to internet (PPPoE) and all devices can’t get DHCP from Flint. I need manually set my computer IP address go into the GUI and clicked on the Modify button and Apply.



Seems uboot issue, please refer this guide to upgrade uboot.

I can’t perform UBOOT update it always like this (in my previous post) always taking forever.

how my AX1800 i can’t see/enter into the GUI, but it connected to internet. I"m using 192.168.43.xxx, I key in nothing come out.

I managed to go in into LUCI, but i can’t perform reboot

PLEASE HELP! I try run uboot again but can’t! What should I do!?

Here is how to flash firmware by uboot.
To flash uboot, the difference is to access the page and upload the uboot binary.
Make sure to compare the md5sum value(see filename) of the downloaded uboot binary for integrity.

Hi all, i still having this issue. When the power tripped my Flint router didn’t manage to connect internet.

Please ssh into flint and use this command to verify the uboot version:

strings /dev/mtd7 |grep "U-Boot 2"