Flint (GL-AX1800) questions

What is the wireless chipset being used? broadcom?

Qualcomm, did you read specifications? Broadcom is crap

yes I did see qualcomm, and yes broadcom is crap. just making sure there is no broadcomm at all. I have tried to buy early access to beryl, mv1000 and failed. maybe my luck might run better this time around.

Beryl is good router, good work with vanilla OpenWrt

Post from OpenWrt forum about Beryl



after A LOT of time i have had time to come back to this device, flashed the latest firmware ( from https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/gl.inet/gl.inet_gl-mt1300 ) currenty using OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r17245-ac4e8aa2f8 and i can say that i am amazed by it: wireless fully working, with amazing speed and reliability, i was able to configure radio0 to be a client to my wireless network and radio1 to be a wireless access point using mixed wpa2/3 encryption, i was able to sustain 250Mbit/s with 3 devices connected. the support for the device has improved enormously, it’s finally a device that i can recommend. thanks for the patience everyone.

MV1000 god work too with vanilla OpenWrt (not MV1000W)
IPQ6000 not supported by OpenWrt but i’m think in future have been ok