Flint GL-AX1800 Signal Strength in Luci

Hi All, I was poking around in the Luci section and noticed some odd results on the the signal strength. Was hoping to understand exactly what I was looking at.
In the photo there are 2 instances of 2.4ghz and 2 instances of ghz. Can I assume there are 4 because there 4 antennas? If that is true then why does the last 5ghz in the photo consistently show a low signal?
The only things using 5ghz in my home are less than 25 feet from the router. Am I looking at this correctly?

Update…I just realized it was a coincidence that there were 4 signals… This just lists everything connected. I did notice that the mac address of the last 5ghz was for a Roku TV in the bedroom. That is super close to the router. I am now thinking that the low signal is actually the router throttling back the power since the TV is only in standby.

I notice a similar thing on my iphone. When I open the phone the Wifi signal shows degraded. however as soon as I start anything network related the signal shoots up. Is this normal?


The bars you’re seeing on the left is the signal quality received by the flint from those device. The value in dBm represents the same thing (-40 is good, -95 is bad)
If the flint shows a low signal for your TV, it’s probably that its WiFi chip has low TX power.
As for the phone signal changing when you’re using it, know that for 5Ghz network even having your hands next to the device antenna can lower the signal.
Also some WiFi chips in those device adjust their tx power according to the signal strength from the router to save energy.

Not sure if the router is saving power or my Iphone… But it does not do that when I am on the 5ghz wifi on my 750 slate… Just does it on the Flint… I love the Flint router. Everything I get from the Slate but on steroids…

It really looks like the Flint lowers the power until you are actually transmitting and receiving not just connected…

Maybe that’s part of the ax protocol…

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The 802.11ax protocol has Target Wake Time, which reduces power on the device and wifi congestion:


Thanks… This makes sense… I looked up my Iphone 11 pro… it supports 802.11ax.
Wonder if the power reduction is only for the devices and not actually a feature of the router…

It appears that when the Phone is reducing the power it shows up on the router RSSI as a lower signal.